Empowering the unconnected.
With the ability to connect those without connectivity,
afriFAST is ready to connect the African continent!
There is a demand forecast of an estimated 4 billion connected individuals, 20 billion connected devices and 50 billion connected machines by 2020. To stay ahead of potential customers’ emerging demands and to capitalise on new growth opportunities, team up with afriFAST.

Satellite Connectivity

By partnering with Intelsat, afriFAST has access to the latest and fastest managed enterprise satellite network that allows service providers to efficiently offer high-throughput satellite (HTS) services to their customers throughout Southern African countries.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

afriFAST believes in the growth of Africa through investment, implementation and ongoing maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure. With a proven track record in African countries, we know what it takes to bring reliable and affordable connectivity to Africans.
What afriFAST can do for you